(35 mm, 100 min, color, 2009)
(1.85 aspect ratio, Dolby SR optical sound, Dolby Digital)

Daniel is a teenager growing up in his small world, with problems that he thinks are unsolvable:  how to handle a girlfriend who does not know what she wants, how to help a friend accused of theft and how to leave his small town. Everything starts to change when he receives a letter from his father, who he has never met. As he deals with all those issues, he will have to make his first grown-up choices and he will discover that the world is much bigger than he had imagined.


MUSIC ("Beat Acelerado", by Yann Lao, Vicente França and Alec Haiat - Metrô band; arranged by Leo Henkin; voice: Luiza Caspary)

Directed by: Ana Luiza Azevedo

Executive Producers: Nora Goulart and Luciana Tomasi
Paulo Halm, Ana Luiza Azevedo, Jorge Furtado and Giba Assis Brasil
Jacob Solitrenick
Art director:
Fiapo Barth
Musical director:
Leo Henkin
Production manager:
Nora Goulart
Giba Assis Brasil

Produced by Casa de Cinema PoA

Main Cast:
Pedro Tergolina (Daniel)
Bianca Menti (Mim)
Eduardo Cardoso (Lucas)
Caroline Guedes (Maria Clara)
Eduardo Moreira (Daniel-pai)
Janaína Kremer (Elaine)
Murilo Grossi (Antônio)



* 2nd Festival de Paulínia, 2009: Best film (critics’ prize), Best director, Best cinematography, Best art direction, Best music, Best costume design.
* 33rd São Paulo International Film Festival, 2009: Itamaraty Award (best Brazilian film in the festival)
* 19th Divercine – International Film Festival for Children and Young People - Montevideo, Uruguay - Sep/2010 : Grand Prize "Guri", Best fiction feature, Best Opera prima (best film by a new-coming director), SIGNIS Prize (special jury).
* 15th SCHLINGEL – International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience - Chemnitz, Germany - Oct/2010: Grand Jury Prize – top award in the junior film competition


"BEFORE THE WORLD ENDS is a film about love, family, globalization, and mainly about responsibility. Serious ethical issues are discussed, but the director and her co-writers never stray away from simplicity."
(Luiz Carlos Merten, Agência Estado, 04/10/2009)

"The moving and entertaining BEFORE THE WORLD ENDS, by Ana Luiza Azevedo (...), is about the discovery of the world by a 15 year-old boy, who is in love with the same girl as his best friend. It is a teenage 'Jules et Jim' that combines Jorge Furtado’s (one of the scriptwriters) clever humor with the director’s remarkable sensitivity."
(José Geraldo Couto, Folha de São Paulo, 17/07/2009)

"The cast is harmonious, clearly well prepared, contributing decisively to the credibility of the characters and situations. The result is a film that you watch with delight, with a smile on your lips and a tear in the corners of your eyes."
(Celso Sabadin, 100% Vídeo, 12/04/2010)

"It is a charming film, directed by an experienced director of short-films, who has just directed a series for HBO. (...) It is a small-town story (made in the south [of Brazil], where the fields are green and everything is more photogenic), romantic, happy and lovely to watch. (...) It is a delight. Recommended."
(Rubens Ewald Filho, 13/05/2010)

"The great scene stealer in the film is Daniel’s little half-sister, played by Caroline Guedes, who made the audience laugh every time she appeared on the screen."
(Eduardo Tardin, UOL Cinema, 15/07/2009)

"Without burning bras in the street, Ana Luiza Azevedo repositions women in the map of relationships. Mim, the character, does not want just one love. Men just can’t understand that!”
(Anna Virginia Balloussier, Rolling Stone, 16/07/2009)

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