DIA DE VISITA (Visiting Day)

(16 mm/Digital Beta, 27 min, color, 2001)



Malu Mader (Delourdes)
Marco Ricca (Isidoro)
Marcello Antony (Joao)
Julio Andrade (Paulo)
Carlos Cunha (Frederico)


Director: Ana Luiza Azevedo
Written by: Jorge Furtado
/ and Giba Assis Brasil
Executive Producers: Nora Goulart
/ and Luciana Tomasi
Editor: Giba Assis Brasil
Music by: Léo Henkin
Production Coordinator: Débora Peters
Art Director: Fiapo Barth
Cinematographer: Alex Sernambi
Sound Mixer: Cleber Neutzling
Production Manager: Tito Mateo

Assistant Director: Daniel Merel
2nd Assistant Director: Máacio Schoenardie
Costumes by: Rosangela Cortinhas
Costume Assistant: Caca Velasco
Make-up by: Nina Empinotti
Property Master: Pierre Olive
Casting by: Cynthia Caprara
Scenic Effects: Gerson Alonso
Camera Assistant
2nd Camera Assistant: Fernando
Script Person: Ana Luz
Production Assistants: Betânia Furtado
/ and Vivian Reis
Set Dressers: Marne Pereira
/ and Jefferson Porto
Contra-regras: Rogério Silva
/ and Manoel Lopes
Cenotécnico Chefe: Cláudio Costa
Gaffer: Guilherme Algarve


Film Stock: Kodak Eastmancolor 7274 and 7289
Developing and Telecine: Mega SP
Sound Studio: Pop Clube
Editing Facilitiers: Final Cut Pro - Casa de Cinema PoA
Conformation and Effects: Smoke - RBS TV


Shot in Porto Alegre, from 13 to 19, June, 2001.
Broadcasted by TV Globo on July 10, 2001.