ME BEIJA (Kiss me)

(35 mm, 83 min, color, 1984)

Vera is a counselor at a school in a small town. She spends her days solving her students petty problems and, in her breaks, drinking tea and chatting with her good friend Leandro. Suddenly, a guest appears at the school. It seems that his name is Raul. No one knows where he came from or what he does for a living. Vera falls in love, Leandro discovers that he is alone, Sartori, the director, worries. In some way, the whole school is changed with Raul’s brief visit. Forever.

Photo by Alberto Salvá: Rudi Lagemann and Nina de Pádua
Photo by Alberto Salvá: Rudi Lagemann and Nina de Pádua

Director: Werner Schünemann

Executive Producer: Sérgio Lerrer
Written by: Werner Schünemann, Rudi Lagemann and Giba Assis Brasil
Cinematographer: Alberto Salvá
Art Directors: José Artur Camacho and Marlise Storchi
Music by: Celso Loureiro Chaves
Production Coordinator: Rudi Lagemann
Editor: Francisco Sérgio Moreira
Assistant Director: Giba Assis Brasil

Distribution: Casa de Cinema PoA

Main Cast:
Nina de Pádua (Vera)
Rudi Lagemann (Raul)
Ney Laux (Leandro)
Breno Ruschel (Sartori)



  • 2nd Rio Cine Festival, 1984:
    Best Cinematography, Best Actress (Nina de Pádua), Best Dubbing, Special Prize for Actor Rudi Lagemann, Honor Mention for the Director, Honor Mention for the Production.
  • 117th Brasília Film Festival, 1984:
    Best Actor (Rudi Lagemann) and Best Direction.


"KISS ME is a love story: Raul (Rudi Lagemann), reaching his thirties, disillusioned and mysterious, leaves Porto Alegre for the interior, where he meets Vera (Nina de Pádua), a sweet and charming school teacher. (...) In spite of the filmmakers' young age (...), KISS ME is a high quality production, not only because of its plot, but also the excellent music by Celso Loureiro Chaves and the correct – and award winning – photography by Alberto Salvá."
(Ricardo Largman, JORNAL DO BRASIL, Rio de Janeiro, 23/05/84)

"KISS ME is the most perfect of the films made in Rio Grande do Sul, although it does not communicate with audiences as effectively as GREEN YEARS. Schünemann proposes a more psychological theme, an imperfect love triangle that transcends the mere romantic chronicle. At the center of everything is Vera (brilliantly played by Nina de Pádua), a strong figure, a fighter, passionate and deep. (...) Both men who fall in love with her are her exact opposites. Leandro (...) cannot manage to question anything because he feels protected by the authoritarian and conservative structure of the school. Raul is a disillusioned cynic with a shady past, he is destructively rebellious (...) The only one to get through all the clashes in the film is Vera. She is a mother, a woman, a lover, without ever giving up dreaming or passion."
(Goida, ZERO HORA, Porto Alegre, 22/11/84)