O GATO (The Cat)

(16 mm/Digital Beta, 58 min, color, 2004)

Each spring, the Cat arrives at the small town of Miramar on his bicycle, provoking jealousy in men and desire in women. But in the year that Cat meets Doroti, the beautiful and faithful wife of Pedro, the lighthouse keeper, the town’s daily life will be changed forever. A nonsense melodrama, a story of love and magic realism.

 Giuseppe Oristânio
Photo by Jaime Lerner: Giuseppe Oristânio

Director: Saturnino Rocha
Producer: Gilberto Baum
Executive Post-Producer: Nora Goulart
Written by: Saturnino Rocha, Hélio Alvarez e João Knijnik
Cinematographer: Jaime Lerner
Art Director: Adriana Nascimento Borba
Music by: Geraldo Flach
Editor: Giba Assis Brasil
Assistant Directors: Cláudio Penadez e João Knijnik

A Sol, Cinema e Vídeo Ltda. production
Distribution: Casa de Cinema P.A.

Main Cast:

Giuseppe Oristânio (Cat)
Nora Prado (Doroti)
Biratã Vieira (Pedro)
Oscar Simch (Gouvêa)