VERDES ANOS (Green years) - Still Images

by Sérgio Amon

It was in the middle
of the ballroom,
on a weekend in 1972...
Nando (Werner
Schünemann) would be
playing the decisive match.
Robertão (Marco Sorio)
was master of ceremonies
at the dance.
Nando’s girlfriend,
Soninha (Luciene Adami)
was a candidate
for Queen of the Ball.
Angelo Renato
(Júlio Reny)
gets the party going.
Rosemary (Lúcia
Serpa) and Danilo
(Angel Palomero).
Neuzona (Soraia Simaan),
Bebela (Deborah Lacerda)
and Marieta (Xala Felippi).
Nando and Robertão
(and everybody)
fight at the ball.
Lurdinha (Ivonete
Pinto) takes care
of Angelo Renato.
After the fight,
Nando meets Cândida
(Márcia do Canto).