O ZEPPELIN PASSOU POR AQUI (The Zeppelin was here)

(35 mm, 18 min, cor, 1993)

In the mid-thirties the city of Porto Alegre anxiously awaits the passing of the German dirigible on its way to Montevideo. Julio, an accountant, manages to leave his disappointed seamstress wife Mariana at home. But while Júlio and his lover Leda see very little of the Zeppelin, Mariana surrenders to an overwhelming passion.

Photo by Norberto Lubisco: Nora Prado and Werner Schünemann
Photo by Norberto Lubisco: Nora Prado and Werner Schünemann

Director: Sérgio Silva

Executive Producer: Sérgio Silva
Written by: Sérgio Silva
Cinematographer: Norberto Lubisco
Art Directors: Alziro Azevedo and Sérgio Silva
Music by: Leo Henkin
Production Coordinator: Cláudia Dreyer
Editor: Giba Assis Brasil

A Filmes do Guaíba Production

Distribution: Casa de Cinema PoA

Main Cast:
Nora Prado (Mariana)
Bira Valdez (Júlio)
Lila Vieira (Leda)
Werner Schünemann (Werner)



  • 21st Gramado Film Festival, 1993:
    Best Screenplay, Best Regional Film, Best Direction of Regional Film.
  • 2nd International Film Festival, Montevideo, Uruguay, 1994:
    Best Direction.
  • Quero-quero Prize (SATED/RS):
    Best Film of the Year.
  • 17th Guarnice of Cine-Video, Maranhao, 1994:
    Best Actress (Nora Prado), Official Jury Award.