3 EFES (3 Fs)

(DV/Beta digital, 100 min, color, 2007)
(Aspect ratio: 1.77:1, Dolby digital sound)

Sissi, the young daughter of an unemployed widower, struggles to support her family, while dreams of sharing an apartment with her boyfriend, a soccer player. Martina, who has a more stable financial situation, struggles to be desired again by her adman husband, or by whoever is around. Giane has already changed her life, and can influence Sissi’s future. According to Professor Valadares, these three women are only trying to satiate their most basic appetites: Food, Sex, and Fasma.

Foto de Carlos Gerbase: Cristina Kessler
Photo by Carlos Gerbase: Cristina Kessler


Distribuition: Prana Filmes

Contact: luli@pranafilmes.com.br


Direction: Carlos Gerbase

Production: Carlos Gerbase
Screenplay: Carlos Gerbase
Direction of Photography: João Divino
Art Direction: Paula Piussi
Music: Laura L and Músicas Intermináveis para Viagem
Production Direction: Diego Sardão, Glauco Firpo and Pedro Guindani
Editing: Giba Assis Brasil

A Casa de Cinema PoA production

Co-production: Vortex
Regra Três
Low Filmes
Kiko Ferraz Studios
and Maria Cultura

Main cast:
Cristina Kessler (Sissi)
Carla Cassapo (Martina)
Leonardo Machado (Rogério)
Felipe de Paula (Betinho)
Paulo Rodriguez (William)
Ana Maria Mainieri (Giane)



  • Best film at the 2nd Festival de Cinema da Floresta, Mato Grosso, 2008


"Carlos Gerbase is making history. Aesthetically, he also takes a jump in quality. (...) His plot mixes several characters together in stories of sex and food that take place in Porto Alegre. Eating, drinking, living. (...) What is great about 3 F’s is that, having been shot in 20 days with a mini-DV camcorder, it makes this simplicity into his tool to try and win the audience. (...) Nothing against ambition (whether authorial, intellectual, or professional), but when it comes to Casa de Cinema’s feature films, the simpler, the better.”
(Luiz Carlos Merten, O ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO, 12/07/2007)

"With opening scenes that remind us of the short ISLAND OF FLOWERS (ILHA DAS FLORES, 1989), by Jorge Furtado, 3 F’s tells parallel stories, which converge to explain a fictional character’s thesis about the ‘great human appetites’, food, sex and fasma (representation of reality). (...) Its farcical tone, however, works as a kind of antidote to the story’s weaknesses. More meaningful than the movie itself is the alternative way at which it points on its release."
(Sérgio Rizzo, FOLHA DE SÃO PAULO, 12/07/2007)

"The experience is unique, the opportunities to watch it are many. Today, Carlos Gerbase, filmmaker from Porto Alegre, presents to the public his fifth feature film, 3 F’s, in an innovative way in Brazil and, as far as it is known, in the world. And it is the public who will choose how and where to see it, and even whether they will pay for it or not. (...) The film highlights an authorial mark that Gerbase has shown ever since his super-8 times: characters who get entangled in dramas and unusual situations to satiate their sexual desires and fantasies. In 3 F’S, the director adds two other basic human needs to the dramatic comedy plot: food and fasma (Greek word for simulacrum) - the film justifies the origin of this peculiar theory."
(Marcelo Perrone, ZERO HORA, Porto Alegre, 12/07/2007)

"The story is quite contemporary and portrays the everyday life of urban characters and their troubles. (...) An urban, cruel and competitive world, full of lives dancing around sex and money, as it usually happens in big cities. An interesting and amusing story, with well-built characters with whom the young audience may identify."
(Luis Zanin, weblog, ESTADÃO, São Paulo, 12/07/2007)

"Everything goes at an interesting pace, with lots of mentions to gaúchos, like the Redenção Park and the Olímpico Soccer Arena, which while enriches the production, it also regionalizes it. (...) After a certain tension among the characters, there come some touches of humor that end the dilemmas put on screen in a nearly surreal way. Júlio Andrade, for instance, in a small part as a policeman, has only 2 or 3 lines, but proves he is worth his salt. Ana Maria Mainieri, of TWO SUMMERS (HOUVE UMA VEZ DOIS VERÕES) and TOLERANCE (TOLERÂNCIA), stands out."
(Renato Martins, weblog, 12/07/2007)

"Gerbase approaches delicate, serious issues, but gives them a light, unpretentious, amoral treatment – including the discussions about prostitution and cheating in marriage. (...) The juvenile energy that overflows from 3 F’s is like the one in TWO SUMMERS (HOUVE UMA VEZ DOIS VERÕES). It exists only because of this easygoing handling of thorny themes - similar to the teenage view on these topics. This is the charm of the film.
(Daniel Feix, ZERO HORA, Porto Alegre, 12/13/2007)

"The beginning reminds us even of the short ILHA DAS FLORES (ISLAND OF FLOWERS), but then it goes at a 'normal' pace to tell small tales surrounded by three main elements: food, sex and sign (here, something like a representation of reality). (...) Simple narratives, unfortunately seldom shown on big screens, about small real dramas. 3 F’s and Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre innovate in contrast to a great portion of the productions from Rio-São Paulo."
(Catarina Scortecci, FOLHA DE LONDRINA, 12/13/2007)

"By talking about the basic human needs, based on a thesis by Aníbal Damasceno Ferreira (who appears on the screen as Professor Valadares) the filmmaker looks at a process that tends to deform them, to turn them into hard-to-reach targets. In order to reach balance and to avoid the fall, a lot will have to be left behind. The price to be paid is revealing. And, by choosing beauty and humor, the director ends his film with a find that summarizes everything and allows the narrative to finish in an appropriate as well as amusing way."
(Hélio Nascimento, JORNAL DO COMÉRCIO, Porto Alegre, 12/14/2007)