(35 mm, 11 min, cor, 1984)

In the same house, in the same night, two groups get together. One, formed by very grave men, members of a religious-monarchist order. The other, a group of lunatics dressed up as animals, in a party full of sex and rock 'n' roll. When the storm begins and the lights go out, anything can happen.

Photo by Christian Lesage: Biratã Vieira
Photo by Christian Lesage: Biratã Vieira

Directors: Jorge Furtado and José Pedro Goulart

Written by: Jorge Furtado, José Pedro Goulart, Ana Luiza Azevedo and Marcelo Lopes
Cinematographer: Christian Lesage
Art Directors: Lordsir Peninha, Jailton Moreira and Teresa Poester
Production Coordinators: Rosana Orlandi and José Salimen Júnior
Editor: Giba Assis Brasil
Assistant Director: Ana Luiza Azevedo

A Casa de Cinema PoA Production

Main Cast:
Biratã Vieira (Francisco Arcanjo)
Izabel Ibias (Mrs. Arcanjo)
Xala Felippi (Teresa)
Márcia Erig (Rita)



  • 12th Gramado Film Festival, 1984:
    Best Direction of Regional Film.
  • 2nd Rio Cine Festival, 1984:
    Best Short Film, Best Direction, Best Cinematography


"A really stimulating film is Jorge Furtado and José Pedro Goulart’s first film, STORM, based on a chronicle by Luis Fernando Verissimo. In this case, the somewhat 'unfilmable' texts of Verissimo become a dynamic and stimulating short film, where the atmosphere of mockery, the author's sarcasm and irony find a perfect vehicle of expression through Christian Lesage's images, edited with great precision by Giba Assis Brasil."
(Tuio Becker, FOLHA DA TARDE, Porto Alegre, 14-15/04/84)