DIA DE VISITA (Visiting Day)

(16 mm/Digital Beta, 27 min, color, 2001)

Episode of the series "Brave People" of Globo TV.

A woman has her apartment invaded by a dangerous criminal just escaped from prison. The arrival of the policeman in charge of arresting him sparks off an electrifying plot, where nothing is what it seems.

Foto by Alex Sernambi: Malu Mader and Marco Ricca
Foto by Alex Sernambi: Malu Mader and Marco Ricca

Director: Ana Luiza Azevedo

Executive Producers: Nora Goulart and Luciana Tomasi
Written by: Jorge Furtado and Giba Assis Brasil
Cinematographer: Alex Sernambi
Art Director: Fiapo Barth
Music by: Leo Henkin
Production Coordinators: Débora Peters and Tito Mateo
Editor: Giba Assis Brasil

A TV Globo Production
of a Casa de Cinema PoA Realization

Main Cast:
Malu Mader (Delourdes)
Marco Ricca (Isidoro)
Marcello Antony (João) 



"Full marks – For the episode of BRAVE PEOPLE, VISITING DAY, a very good story by Jorge Furtado and Giba Assis Brasil, two talents already well known to audiences. The cast, Malu Mader, Marco Ricca and Marcello Antony, also shone."
(Patrícia Kogut, O Globo, 12/07/2001)

"Top marks – For the episode VISITING DAY, in BRAVE PEOPLE. Perfect editing and direction."
(Sônia Abrão, Diário Popular, São Paulo, 12/07/2001)

"One of the merits was the musical finale, with a track from one Sérgio Sampaio's lost albums, a dramatic track that fits the scene with perfection and mentions a name, Maria de Lourdes, which is the name of the character played by Malu Mader. One gets the impression that the name and the story worked almost as a pretext for the explosion of the music, in spectacular emotional tension, at the end of the program. It was worth it."
(Joaquim Ferreira dos Santos, Observatório de Imprensa, 12/07/2001