MEIA ENCARNADA DURA DE SANGUE (Scarlet sock, hardened with blood)

(Beta Digital, 23 min, color, 2000)

Episode of the series "Brave People" of Globo TV.

In a small town in Rio Grande do Sul, in 1953, the great footballer Bonifácio is in a dilemma. He plays in an amateur football team formed by poor black players, he is invited to join the team of the rich whites. It would be his chance to offer his girlfriend, Elisa, a maid, a better life. But his best friend Vicente cannot understand what he considers a betrayal.

Photo by Alex Sernambi: Camila Pitanga and Sérgio Menezes
Photo by Alex Sernambi: Camila Pitanga and Sérgio Menezes

Director: Jorge Furtado

Executive Producers: Nora Goulart and Luciana Tomasi
Written by: Jorge Furtado and Guel Arraes from the short sotry by Lourenço Cazarré
Cinematographer: Alex Sernambi
Art Director: Fiapo Barth
Music by: Leo Henkin
Editor: Giba Assis Brasil
Assistant Director: Ana Luiza Azevedo

A TV Globo Production of a Casa de Cinema PoA Realization

Main Cast: :
Sérgio Menezes (Bonifácio)
Camila Pitanga (Elisa)
Francisco Cuoco (Almeida)
Othon Bastos (Belenho)
Suzana Vieira (Elvira)
Audri D'Anunciação (Vicente)



"Immediate relief from the language of television came with the excellent SCARLET SOCK, HARDENED WITH BLOOD. Directed by Jorge Furtado, the episode had all the characteristic elements of television: a popular theme, colourul locations, correct accents and characterizations, well shot and the infallible Francisco Cuoco and Suzana Vieira. And beautiful Camila Pitanga and promising Sérgio Menezes, the protagonist, should also be mentioned. Faithful to television drama, 'Meia encarnada dura de sangue' managed to allude to scenes from Carlos Saura's Goya, while maintaining the tone of a good soap opera episode."
(Patrícia d'Abreu, JB Online, 28/12/2000)

"SCARLET SOCK, HARDENED WITH BLOOD was concise and precise. It tells the story of the first black football player of a town in Rio Grande do Sul to play in the whites' team. With sensitive acting by Sérgio Menezes (who was brilliant as Jesus in the soap opera 'Força de um Desejo') and Camila Pitanga, plus Othon Bastos, Suzana Vieira and even Francisco Cuoco, the episode had a crisp and powerful text about prejudice, the desire for personal growth and tenderness."
(Clara Arreguy, Estado de Minas, 28/12/2000)