CENA ABERTA (Open Scene)

(Digital beta, 4 x 30 min, color, 2003)

Four-episode series produced by Casa de Cinema for Globo TV network. Starting with original material from literature, each episode shows a fictional performance, mixed with a documentary about its own planning, casting, shooting and post-production.

Broadcast originally in November and December of 2003.

General Supervisor: Jorge Furtado

Directors: Jorge Furtado, Guel Arraes e Regina Casé
Written by: Jorge Furtado e Guel Arraes
Hostess: Regina Casé
Cinematographer: Roberto Henkin
Art Director: Fiapo Barth
Assistant Director: Ana Luiza Azevedo
Music: André Moraes
Editors: Giba Assis Brasil e Alfredo Barros
Executive Producer: Nora Goulart e Luciana Tomasi.

A co-production of Globo TV and Casa de Cinema PoA


"Something is good in the kingdom of television. As much a paradox as it may seem, in an age when the lowest aspects of life reign over the programming of most networks, a tendency that could make Brazilian television more humane is shining through. A new style is developing, focusing on Brazilians with lower GNP in a more civilized and respectful manner. (...)CENA ABERTA (Open Scene) starts with a literary work, but it's not about literature. A great idea from Guel Arraes and Jorge Furtado, the show uses a story and goes into real life to look for a real person who is like the character being portrayed".
(Leila Reis, O ESTADO DE SÃO PAULO, 23/11/2003)

"It could be a variation of the Video Show program – ostentation of the whole apparatus, archive and memory of one of the world’s biggest television drama producers – but CENA ABERTA goes beyond. Indirectly, it lends itself to discussing the TV audience’s mental life. (...)One of the great virtues of this idea is not only showing the technique, the resources and the actors’ preparation for the shooting, but also showing how the audience’s expectations may be beneath what the author imagined".
(Helio Ponciano, revista BRAVO, janeiro/2004)


baseado na novela homônima de Clarice Lispector
based on the novel by Clarice Lispector.
aired in 18/11/2003
baseado no conto homônimo de Simões Lopes Neto
based on the short story by Simoes Lopes Neto.
aired in 25/11/2003
 baseado no romance "Ópera de Sabão", de Marcos Rey
based on the novel "Opera de Sabao", by Marcos Rey. *
aired in 02/12/2003
baseado no conto homônimo de Leon Tolstoi
based on the short story by Leon Tolstoi.
aired in 09/12/2003

(*) The episode "Folhetim" was produced only by Globo TV.