A COISA CERTA (The Right Thing)

(Beta digital, 20 min, color, 2002)

Episode of the series "Winter Stories 2002", on RBS TV.

The comical story of a father who lives with his daughter. She is dating a university professor who is as old as her father. And the professor's wife starts an affair with the girl's father.

 Werner Schünemann, Marcos Barreto and Tereza Teixeira
Photo by Joel Sagardia: Werner Schünemann, Marcos Barreto e Tereza Teixeira

Director: Gilberto Perin

Executive Producers: Nora Goulart and Luciana Tomasi
Written by: Júlio Conte
from his own stage play
Cinematographer: Joel Sagardia
Art Director: Rogerio Nazari
Music by: Leo Henkin
Production Manager: Fernando Tietzmann
Editor: Joice Bruhn
Assistant Director: Rafael Ferretti

A RBS TV / Casa de Cinema PoA Co-Production

Main Cast:
Werner Schunemann (JM)
Fernanda Moro (Teresa)
Marcos Barreto (Antero)
Laura Medina (Gisela)