A FOME E A VONTADE DE COMER (Hunger and appetite)

(Beta digital, 18 min, color, 2002)

Episode of the series "Winter Stories 2002", on RBS TV.

Mother and daughter live in the Bonfim neighbourhood, in Porto Alegre, and they are in a terrible economic situation. The daughter starts having strange dreams that will change the course of both their lives.

Foto de Joel Sagardia: Júlia Barth Foto de Joel Saga
Picture by Joel Sagardia: Júlia Barth

Director: Cristiano Trein e Dregus de Oliveira

Executive Producers: Nora Goulart and Luciana Tomasi
Written by: Tomas Creus
from a short story by Cintia Moscovich
Cinematographer: Joel Sagardia
Art Director: Denise Zelmanovitz
Music by: Flu, 4Nazzo and R. San
Production Manager: Vera Senott
Editor: Joice Bruhn
Assistant Director: Rafael Ferretti

A RBS TV / Casa de Cinema PoA Co-Production

Main Cast:
Julia Barth (Raquel)
Patsy Ceccato (Sara)
Flavio Bicca (Rabbi Malevich)