AEROPLANOS (Airplanes)

(Beta Digital, 17 min, cor, 2002)

Episode of the series "Contos de Inverno 2002", on RBS TV.

A love story that takes place at the Porto Alegre airport. Alice arrives on the last Rio-Porto Alegre flight. Tião goes to pick her up. It is Friday night. Alice and Tião have been dating for one and a half year. This weekend romance, this emotional ping-pong will bring many surprises and twists.

Foto por Alex Sernambi: Salgado Filho e Ricardo Kudla
Photo by Alex Sernambi: Salgado Filho e Ricardo Kudla

Director: Alex Sernambi

Executive Producers: Nora Goulart and Luciana Tomasi
Written by: Marcelo Pires
Cinematographer: Alex Sernambi
Art Director: Rogerio Nazari
Music by: Henrique W. Gueiros
Production Manager: Vera Senott
Editor: Joice Bruhn
Assistant Director: Ana Luz

A RBS TV / Casa de Cinema PoA Co-Production

Main Cast:
Ricardo Kudla (Tiao)
Fernanda Carvalho Leite (Alice)
Eliane Steimentz (servente)