JOGOS DO AMOR E DO ACASO (Games of love and chance)

(Digital beta, 25 min, color, 2001)

Episode of the series "Winter Stories" da RBS TV.

Bernardo and Danilo are work colleagues. Bernardo is an extrovert, he is athletic and has never read a book without illustrations. Danilo is shy, poetic and wears sandals with white socks. Cíntia is a manicurist and she knows men are useless. Bernardo and Alícia meet on the Internet and arrange a date, but when the time comes, they lose their nerve. Cíntia goes to the date in Alicia's place. And Danilo goes in Bernardo's place.

 Evandro Soldatelli e Werner Schünemann
Photo by Jorge Boca: Evandro Soldatelli e Werner Schünemann

Director: Gilberto Perin

Executive Producers: Nora Goluart and Luciana Tomasi
Written by: Jorge Furtado, Carlos Gerbase and Giba Assis Brasil
Colaboration of Luis Fernando Verissimo
A free adaptation of Pierre Marivaux's "Le jeu de l'amour et du hasard"
Cinematographer: Jorge Henrique Boca
Art Director: Rogério Nazari
Music by: Flávio Santos and Marcelo Fornazier
Production Coordinator: Lúcia Achutti
Editor: Joice Bruhn
Assistant Director: Roberto Tietzmann

A RBS TV / Casa de Cinema PoA Co-Production

Main Cast:
Werner Schünemann (Danilo)
Evandro Soldatelli (Bernardo)
Débora Finocchiaro (Cíntia)
Maria Carolina Ribeiro (Alícia)