(Betacam, 4x40 min, color, 1999)

Mini series in 4 chapters for Globo TV.

Ramiro is a 40 year-old lawyer returning to the country after 8 years' exile in France. At a visit to some friends' farm, he meets again the beautiful teenager Elisa. After dinner, distraught by the heat, he lets himself be seduced by the girl who, years ago, was only a child. And this is just the beginning of a drama that will mark Ramiro's life forever.


Photo by José Tadeu Ribeiro: Paulo Betti and Ana Paula Tabalipa
Photo by José Tadeu Ribeiro: Paulo Betti and Ana Paula Tabalipa

Director: Jorge Furtado

Executive Producers: Nora Goulart and Luciana Tomasi
Written by: Jorge Furtado, Carlos Gerbase and Giba Assis Brasil
from the novel "Luna caliente" by Mempo Giardinelli
Cinematographer: José Tadeu Ribeiro
Art Director: Fiapo Barth
Music by: Mariozinho Rocha
Production Coordinator: Eduardo Figueira
Assistant Director: Ana Luiza Azevedo

A TV Globo Production
of a Casa de Cinema PoA Realization

Main Cast:
Paulo Betti (Ramiro)
Ana Paula Tabalipa (Elisa)
Tonico Pereira (Bráulio Tennenbaum)
Paulo José (Inspector Monteiro)
Fernanda Torres (Dora)
Chico Diaz (Gomulka)



"Flawless screenplay and direction marked the first episode of the mini-series HOT MOON. (...) Directed by Jorge Furtado, the program (...) had a rare subtlety, which is always welcome on TV. 'Luna caliente' privileged exclusively the psychological clashes, foregoing any occasional excesses in the production design or extravagant photography. (...) Atmosphere is everything, as in the emblematic sequence of the half-open door that lets Ramiro take a glimpse of Elisa's nude body, before he commits the rape. (...) Everything was enxutoclean, synthetic, indispensable. Fiapo Barth’s art direction deserves mention: it was a world away from what one sees in productions set in recent decades, which look more like a flea market. And José Tadeu Ribeiro's photography is extremely poetic and sensitive."
(Patrícia Kogut, O Globo, Rio de Janeiro, 17/12/99)

"Besides the elements of the plot that already grip your attention, Jorge Furtado's direction makes the mini-series even more enthralling. This is superb direction, attentive to every detail, constructing extremely well made scenes. (...) Those who watched the first episode will be anxious to know what is really going on and what will be the outcome of the mess Ramiro has gotten himself into."
(Flávio Amaral, DIÁRIO POPULAR, São Paulo, 17/12/99)