EM FRENTE DA LEI TEM UM GUARDA (Before justice stands the doorkeeper)

(DV, 20 min, color, 2000)

Since 1993 the NGO Themis - Assessoria Jurídica e Estudos de Gênero (Legal Aid and Gender Studies) – has been ministering training courses for Popular Legal Advocates (PLPs) in Porto Alegre and in other towns in Rio Grande do Sul. The PLPs are women who are trained to defend rights and help make justice in communities where justice did not use to reach.

Photo by Júlio Spier
Photo by Júlio Spier

Director: Ana Luiza Azevedo

Executive Producers: Luciana Tomasi and Nora Goulart
Written by: Ana Luiza Azevedo
Cinematographer: Júlio Spier
Music by: Leo Henkin
Production Coordinator: Débora Peters
Editors: Júlio Spier and Fábio Lobanowsky
Assistant Director: Alfredo Barros

A Themis Legal Aid and Gender Studies Production
of a Casa de Cinema PoA Realization

Main Cast:
Débora Finocchiaro (portuguese narration)
Lisa Becker (english narration)