"THE MAN WHO COPIED" é mais cinema brasileiro em Nova York

O HOMEM QUE COPIAVA, filme da Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre, dirigido por Jorge Furtado, estreou ontem, dia 22 de abril em Nova York, no cinema Quad 3. E já está sendo resenhdo pelos críticos norte-americanos.

Stuart Klawans, do The Nation, diz o seguinte sobre o filme: “You never know when Furtado will spring on you a fantasy image, an art history reference, an ironic how-to demonstration or an animation of André’s drawings. (The latter elements, directed by Allan Sieber, have a Simpsons look, except for the photomontage effects used whenever Eleanor Roosevelt shows up. André is fascinated by her.) A born film-cutter, Furtado has found a natural outlet for his talents in the character of André–a man whose ideas of the world are fragmentary, formed from whatever material he copies–and in the economic engine of André’s society, which is driven by an alternating current of credence and fraud.”

Segundo Stephen Holden, do New York Times: “André’s dry-eyed analysis of his financial predicament offers a detailed dollars-and-cents picture of an existence one step above poverty. A major obstacle to a brighter future was his expulsion from high school after he hit a fellow student over the head with a bottle. Since then, his education has been reduced to retaining scraps of knowledge from the documents he copies.”

Maitland McDonagh, do Timeout, escreveu: “Writer-director Jorge Furtado’s quirky fable follows mild-mannered minimum-wage slave André (Ramos) along a highly eccentric route that leads him out of a vague fantasy world and into an unpredictable reality.”

Veja a opinião do crítico do The New York Daily News: “A big hit back home, this good-humored­gem from Brazilian director Jorge Furtado manages to tackle some serious issues without sacrificing its inherently sweet nature.”

O HOMEM QUE COPIAVA estará em Los Angeles a partir do dia 29, em São Francisco e Berkeley em maio, e na capital Washington no mês de junho.

Cartaz de O HOMEM QUE COPIAVA em Nova York